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Simulator as dhclient again


I need to change the simulator to dhclient, how I can do?



Re: Simulator as dhclient again

You can run setup and change the IP of interfaces or edit the hosts file (for persistence of the change)...or run ifconfig on the console for a temporary change.  No dhcp unless you are setting up bmc/rlm/sp which isn't on the simulator.  The 7.x simulators had an exception if I remember during the script but I don't know of a way to do dhcp on the 8.x VSIMs.  I just set a range of IPs for my VSIMs and hard set them.

Re: Simulator as dhclient again


hi Scott,
I have changed the way the network interface to NAT and BRIDGE, assigned an IP of the segment of the VM and did not come to renaming of ping, lower firewall and nothing. Any idea?

Re: Simulator as dhclient again

Could be the vmnet. If the guest isn't on the same vmnet as the other guest. Or try to ping from the host running workstation/fusion/or player. Check that the vmnet is the same network subnet as the ip you assigned. Probably on vmnet8

Simulator as dhclient again

I changed the NIC NAT mode to Bridge and it works! thanks!

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