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aggr0 full on 7.3.4 sim

Hi Folks,


I am unable to boot one of the hosts in my simulated cluster.  The filer is panicking becase aggr0 is full, but I can't boot into safe mode to fix it!  Is ctrl-c to get into safe mode an option on this version of the sim?  I have quite a bit of config in place and would like to fix the issue instead of setting up the sim again.


Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.






Wed Oct 27 03:24:27 GMT [localhost: wafl.vol.walloc.rsv.warn:error]: Volume (or aggregate) aggr0 free space reserve is too low.
Wed Oct 27 03:24:27 GMT [localhost: wafl.vol.walloc.rsv.root:error]: Root volume (or aggregate) aggr0 free space reserve is critically low.
PANIC: Aggregate aggr0 is full
Panicked in aggregate aggr0
version: NetApp Release 7.3.4: Thu May 27 15:43:26 PDT 2010
cc flags: L
dumpcore: Aggregate aggr0 is full

Re: aggr0 full on 7.3.4 sim

Hi Jason,

Not sure if you got it cleared now..

but we can do to the maintenance mode on sim, if boot from floppy option is enabled.

If not , run script again from /sim/node1 or 2 directory .. and select all default coming options , only when it ask for boot from floppy option type 'yes' and complete the script .. then run the .runsim script , it should ask boot from floppy while booting and can go to mainte. mode from there ..

Hope this helps



Re: aggr0 full on 7.3.4 sim

This issue got fixed.

My recommendation is to keep the Rool volume size to > 500M

Root aggregate to RAID4



View solution in original post

Re: aggr0 full on 7.3.4 sim

Thanks Jay.  This is one of the step that Daniel and I took to fix the issue.  He then had me do the following:

offline the aggr containing the root vol

create an autoroot vol on a different aggr

run a wafl check on both aggrs

boot the filer using the autoroot vol

restrict the full aggr

add a disk to the full aggr

online the aggr and change the root vol back to the original one

Now I am following the rest of his directions by changing to a raid dp rg and increasing the size of the root vol.

Thanks for your reply.


Re: aggr0 full on 7.3.4 sim

Thanks Jason , I have created similar issue by makeing Vol0 (root vol) full and tried this solution.. its working great in sim. 
Thank you Daniel and Jason

Re: aggr0 full on 7.3.4 sim


I am currently facing the same situation. I have made my aggregate offline. Could you please let me know how to create the autoroot volume in adifferent aggregate?

Re: aggr0 full on 7.3.4 sim

Re: aggr0 full on 7.3.4 sim

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I was not able to access the link mentioned in step 14. I am receving the following error.

Unauthorized Access

You have come to a page or module to which you do not have permission.

Can you please post those steps here?

Meanwhile I was able to fix the issue by doing the following steps.

1. Reverted my vm snapshot to a previous stage.

2. Logged into the sim and changed the root volume size to 500 MB and Raid type to RAID4.

Hope this helps me to work with the sim without any issues,



Re: aggr0 full on 7.3.4 sim

Hi Daniel,jason,

Even I'm also facing same  error on my ontap7.3 simulator.

Here my doubt is I'm not able to login to my simulator  filer itself. How you  logged in to filer  and rectify the error.

Kindly help me on this issue.



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