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authentication and Sim 7.3.5 using CIFS shares


Hi Folks,


We have a 7.3.5 simulator running on Linux configured to use both NFS and CIFS. NFS works fine. I have added the sim to out Win2K domain successfully. I created one share to test with. I configured the share so that "everyone" has "full control (RWX)".


Most users can connect to the share using the UNC \\netapp\sharename . They are not asked to authenticate. This is how I'd prefer to run the share.


A small subset of users are asked to authenticate. They have tried all sorts of permutations of their Windows username and password- DOMAIN\username, domain\username, username .. with no success.


Using the Look Up Name/SID feature in FilerView I can verify that the sim can lookup these users on the domain and get a SID back.


I'm not sure how to go about troubleshooting this. Any ideas?





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