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second Simulate ONTAP 9.3 failed to boot




i'm trying to configure simulator 9.3 on vmware esx.

i have managed to install the first node succesfully and its up and running.

when trying to install the second I've encountered an issue.

i followed the insructions of the installaion guide:


"Change the Serial Number and System ID for this node:
VLOADER> setenv SYS_SERIAL_NUM 4034389-06-2 VLOADER> setenv bootarg.nvram.sysid 4034389062
Verify that the information was saved correctly:
VLOADER> printenv SYS_SERIAL_NUM VLOADER> printenv bootarg.nvram.sysid"


and after doing so i booted the node and got a lot of error messages1.png2.png3.png


dont know what to do in this case,please advise.

thank you very much.



Re: second Simulate ONTAP 9.3 failed to boot


It looks like it had boot looped before you changed the loader settings.


The simplest fix is to deploy a fresh copy from the ova.



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