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7-mode filers running NetApp Release 8.2P2. SDK 5.2.1 and specifically the Java bindings


Hi, I have partner that has current issue with following;  1.     Unable to call SystemGetInfo API.  o     We are trying to connect to a storage system and get its basic information like name, ID etc. But when we call the above mentioned API, we get an error Invalid input value '4294901762' for field cpu-microcode-version - does not conform to required format for integer datatype.  o     I have attached a source code of a modified sample program that shows the API call.  2.     Unable to create a new role with capability net-config-net-active required to query network interfaces of the storage system.  o     When I try to create new role, I get an error Could not add role . Error: Invalid capability. o     Here is the output as seen on the NetApp console:       netapp01> useradmin role add newrole -a net-config-net-active Invalid capabilities: net-config-net-active Could not add role . Error: Invalid capability netapp01>   Thanks.