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windows API's not working for 'nobrowse' shares



I'm using Microsoft api's for CIFS shares:

GetNamedSecurityInfo - get the share's permissions

NetShareGetInfo - get the share's type(indicates if it's an administrative share for example)

Those functions work fine, except for shares that are configured with the -nobrowse flag.

for those, i get hresult 87 -  "the parameter is incorrect".

If i reconfigure the same share as browsable, the functions work ok.

It's important to indicate that i call both API's with the full path of the share , the one that allows access to it.

(I'm using OnTap API for getting the nobrowse Shares ( 'cifs-share-list-iter-start' and 'cifs-share-list-iter-next')).


Are you aware of any solution for this problem?

Is there a known limitation on the server side? should i pass the parameter differently? is there a workaround?


Thank you for your help.



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