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API Docs don't match system-api-list

If I look at the SDK docs (for 5.2.1, 5.2.2 and 5.3) for cluster mode there are a group of API calls file_get_* listed. Now if I call them (file-get-file-info specifically)  I get no such API back from our 8.2.2P1 Cmode installs (two of them). So I tried a 'system-api-list' and sure enough they are missing. So, are the docs out of date?


I should mention this works just fine in 7mode.





Re: API Docs don't match system-api-list

Always bad form to respond to your own message but I think I figured it out. The API call exists only in the vserver context, not the cluster.



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Re: API Docs don't match system-api-list


Richard -


Yes, the context of whether an API call is made (Cluster or SVM) matters.


There are other instances I've found where API docs don't match the actual APIs.

I always use system-api-list, as well as the system-get-api-elements to verify APIs and their repective input/output elements.

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

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Re: API Docs don't match system-api-list

Yes, thanks for the reply. I also discovered (incase anyone else comes across this) that you when you create the NaServer you need to specify a minimum of 1.15 as the version in order to get set_vserver to work. Older versions always return a 0 for failure.



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