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fpolicy-server-connect node name error




The fpolicy-server-connect function does not like values I pass for the node parameter. Customer's cluster has two nodes: server-01 and server-02. The function returns the following:


Invalid value specified for "node" element within "fpolicy-server-connect": "SERVER-01". Error code: 13115
Invalid value specified for "node" element within "fpolicy-server-connect": "SERVER-02". Error code: 13115


When I enumerate the nodes later with fpolicy-server-status-get-iter function I do get information about these nodes:


Node server-01 is disconnected. Disconnect reason: Select Timed out.
Node server-02 is disconnected. Disconnect reason: TCP Connection to FPolicy server failed.

(they are probably disconnected because my FPolicy server was offline, I'm not sure. The problem is that I can't connect them back.)


The same code works nicely with the emulator and for some other customers. But fails with this cluster (NetApp Release 8.2.1 Cluster-Mode). 


How can I troubleshoot this problem?


Thanks in advance,



Re: fpolicy-server-connect node name error


it could just be case sensitive for the node names



I have been calling fpolicy-server-status-get-iter and then using the return value to populate my fpolicy-server-connect request fields


what are the contents of the messages you are sending and receiving for both calls?


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