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Cifs Share creation and Quota Management on Flexgroup volumes using ONTAP C-Mode API's on



I am using below ONTAP API's and DLL to manage a cifs share & quota management using tool.

DLL: - ONTAP 9.1 (From NetApp Manageability SDK)

API List:-

  • system-get-version
  • qtree-create
  • qtree-list-iter
  • cifs-share-get-iter
  • quota-list-entries-iter
  • quota-report-iter
  • quota-get-entry
  • quota-set-entry
  • quota-delete-entry
  • quota-resize
  • volume-get-iter
  • cifs-share-create
  • cifs-share-modify
  • cifs-share-delete

I am able to successfully create qtree, share, quota assignment successfully on flexvol volumes. But in flexgroup volumes, i am able to create qtree, share & assign permission successfully. But unable to set quota for flexgroup volumes.

Error Message from Tool : "Operation not supported on Flexgroup constituents"


Can you suggest which ONTAP DLL file, i have to use from SDK and what are the appropriate API commands i have to refer in coding.

Kindly suggest.


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