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Connect to vfiler with ONTAPI via HTTP/HTTPS, err=10061


Hi all,

WARNING:  I'm not a programmer. 

I'm using zexplorer to try and troubleshoot a problem with a program I'd like to use, but I'm seeing something odd when trying to connect to vfilers.

I have an active/active pair running ONTAP 8.0.2P3.

I have several vfilers running on each controller.

On controller 1, I can use an HTTP connection to any and all of the vfilers and get an appropriate response.

On controller 2, If I use an HTTP connection, I can connect with vfiler0 (the base unit), but not if I try to connect to any of the vfilers on that controller.  I get the following error message.

<results reason="Can't connect to host (err=10061)." status="failed" errno="10061"/>

This is really odd because the physical filers are a cluster pair, built at the same time, running the same version of the OS, configured identically as far as I can tell, and the vfilers were built at the same time.

Any recommendations for figuring this one out?

Thanks in advance,



Re: Connect to vfiler with ONTAPI via HTTP/HTTPS, err=10061

NetApp Alumni

Hi Brian -

Compare the HTTP options between the working vfilers and the non-working vfilers.  Here is an example below.

toaster> vfiler run vfiler1 options http

===== vfiler1

httpd.access                 legacy

httpd.admin.access           legacy

httpd.admin.enable           on

httpd.admin.hostsequiv.enable off

httpd.admin.max_connections  512 on

httpd.autoindex.enable       off

httpd.bypass_traverse_checking off

httpd.enable                 off

httpd.ipv6.enable            off

httpd.log.format             common

httpd.method.trace.enable    off

httpd.rootdir                XXX

I assume you have verified that the IP address are valid for the non-work vfilers by ping or rsh.


   - Rick -

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Re: Connect to vfiler with ONTAPI via HTTP/HTTPS, err=10061


Where's my soft rubber bat?  I need to beat myself for not thinking of that!

Thanks Rick!!!!

Note:  This is why I LOVE

Re: Connect to vfiler with ONTAPI via HTTP/HTTPS, err=10061


great!!! you saved my day of getting really long :-). (SnapProtect with vFilers)  I didn't know that it is not possible to change the httpd.admin.enable option from within the vfiler!   man I feel stupid 🙂  regards Michel

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