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I'm looking for a way to extract the LUN WWN from a Netapp LUN.

From the netapp mib, I only have the LUN Serial Number.  I was wondering if such concept exists on Netapp filers.. ?


If it is not available from the MIB, I wonder if other API would expose it ?






Take the serial number from your lun show -v:

filer> lun show -v

/vol/vol1/lun0  40m (41943040)

Serial#: "OdCvFnbbKzih"

Run the "OdCvFnbbKzih" through your favorite online text to hex converter and you get:


add the NetApp prefix "60a98000"

and you get "60a98004f644376466e62624b7a6968" which is the WWID of the LUN.

Hope that helps,



Hi Danh,

   I am getting wwid as '360a98000426d526f4224443042567a61'. please let me know whether the prefix for netapp is changed now?

  i used the scsi_id command in centos to get the wwid of the iscsi lun.




The '360a98000426d526f4224443042567a61' is what you will see on a linux box.  

The "naa.60a98000426d526f4224443042567a61" is what you will see in vmware. 

Looks like Igor's method is much faster at getting the WWN. 



There's a readymade website for this now,


Works nice. 🙂


You may use online storage converter

lun serial  -x /vol/lun10_vol10/lun10

                Serial (hex)#: 0x424230554f2b436779773449


Hi Marc and welcome to the communities!

My understanding is that in NetApp world igroup (initiator group) carries WWN address, not an individual LUN.

E.g. this shows how to identify a particular LUN by using its ID plus igroup WWN combination:




Hello Radek,

First, I unfortunatly don't have access to read the provided link .  I guess my level of access prohibit this page to be viewed...

Well, my understand of LUNs, is that all vendors, either in the FiberChannel world, and in the iSCSI world uses LUN WWN, which would be a unique identifer of a LUN.  They also provide a Serial Number, as in regular SCSI.  These refers to VDP pages 0x80 & 0x83.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I can already the the Serial Number, but I'm wondering how the LUN WWN is handled on Netapp filers, or even if such concepts exists.

Best regards



This is what the article says:

How to determine which  LUN on the filer is mounted as which drive on the Windows host

  1. On the filer, use the 'lun show' and 'igroup show' commands to  identify LUNs served by the filer:

    filer> lun show -v
    /vol/vol1/lun0  40m (41943040)
    Serial#: "OdCvFnbbKzih"
    Share: "none"
    Space  Reserved: "no"
    Multiprotocol Type: "windows"
    Exports: shpc=1
    /vol/vol1/lun1  100m (104857600)
    Serial#: "OdCvFnbbLMFZ"
    Share: "none"
    Space  Reserved: "no"
    Multiprotocol Type: "windows"
    Exports: shpc=2
    /vol/vol2/lun1  50m (52428800)
    Serial#: "OdCvFnbbH/Kr"
    Share: "none"
    Space  Reserved: "no"
    Multiprotocol Type: "windows"
    Exports: shpc=0

    filer>  igroup show
    shpc (FCP) (ostype: windows2000):

  2. On the Windows host use the 'lputilnt' facility to determine which  filer a device is served by:
    • Go to "Lputilnt --> Adpater --> FCP bindings". Check the ID  number and Target (WWN). This ID Number and target WWN for each filer  (target) will be unique, so you can identify the filer serving the LUN.

    • To determine which LUN maps to which device:
      • "Computer management --> Storage --> Disk Management".
      • Right click the disk number and select "Properties".
      • Select Check Device Target ID number for the LUN.
      • This target number for the LUN will be the same as the ID number  from lputilnt above, so you can identify which LUN on the filer maps to  the device on the host.
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