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NetApp API quota-set-entry




We have a quote a few NAS SVMs running accross 2 cDot Clusters that run Ontap 9.4P3, when attempting to use quota-set-entry through the API we receieve following error but only on a handful of SVMs.


"Missing Input: policy" 


The strange thing is that it always fails on 4 out 20 SVMs when the policy is not set in the API call, explictly setting the policy in the API calls works fine. I'm interested to know why the behaviour is different between SVMs though, we suspect a configuration difference between SVMs as the ones which fail were setup at a different time from the ones which work. So far we have not been able to find differences between the SVMs which are at fault.


Doing a quota-set-entry call with this data:

on DC1_SVM01 fails the the error "Missing Input: policy"

However on DC1_SVM02 (and the other SVM on this cluster) a very similar call succeeds.



Any help would be appreicated.






I suspect that it's because there's no default quota policy for the failing SVMs. The "policy" field in the API call is defined like this:


  • policy => string, optional

Name of the quota policy in which the quota rule should be set. If this field is not provided, then the current policy that has been assigned to the vserver will be used.


My guess is that no default quota policy has been assigned, so there's nothing for the API to use as a default.

For all of the SVMs on all of our clusters the command "quota policy show" shows a quota policy named "default" that has been assigned to each SVM.