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NetApp Manageability SDK .Net/C# Programming


Hi there


I'm starting with a new project for managing our NetApp infrastructure.


Is there a good starting guide for this? Since I have not found any useful.

Wheter they relate to non existing Classes / Attributes in the version I'm

using, or there is just no information.


Can you help me getting started with this?


I am using

- ontap-9-0.dll

- netapp-manage.dll






Re: NetApp Manageability SDK .Net/C# Programming


Hello @Prokotec,


The documentation that comes with the NMSDK download has some sample code for the various languages.  Hopefully that will get you started!



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Re: NetApp Manageability SDK .Net/C# Programming


Hi Andrew


Thank you for your respond.


Yes, I have studied that sample code and the documentation as well but can not make use of it.


The sample code is about cmdlet for powershell. I don't want to use powershell nor cmdlet.


And the API documentation only describes the functions but not how to use them.


Here is an example of my code:


			NaFiler filer = new NaFiler("ipadress");
			filer.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("admin", "password");

			SystemApiList apiList = new SystemApiList();
			SystemApiListResult apiListResult = apiList.Invoke(filer);
			NetApp.ApiResult apiResult = new ApiResult();

			SystemApiGetElements apiElements = new SystemApiGetElements();
			apiElements.ApiList = new string[] { "aggr-get-iter" };
			SystemApiGetElementsResult apiElementsResult = apiElements.Invoke(filer);
			SystemGetVersion getVersion = new SystemGetVersion();
			SystemGetVersionResult versionResult = getVersion.Invoke(filer);

In the SystemGetVersionResult I do get a version. But in the SystemApiGetElementsResult I only receive property descriptions but no content.





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