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OnCommand Api Services errno 3003 MetricService

I'm trying to get any metrics of a cluster component, eg:
But I always get the following error:
Response Code: 404
         Management service instance not found for the specified request.
         Unable to find a management-service instance for the 'MetricService'. Please check if the management-service instances have discovered the resource or if management-service instances are added in API Services.
I can access the monitoring and event rest apis, but not the metrics rest api calls.
OCUM: 6.4RC1
OPM: 2.1.0RC1 in Full Integration Mode
OCAPI: 1.1
OCAPI Settings:
Access to Unified Manager Database with Database User/Integration Schema
API access to Unified Manager Server with Local User/OnCommand Administrator
Any ideas?

You can get the cluster performance matrices by connecting to the OPM Mysql DB directly using the database user.


pl. check the "connection" status with OPM. This can be checked in API1.1 UI:


below is example:

https://<IP Address>:8443/api-admin/#/management-services


check "Access to OnCommand Performance Manager Database" is fine. If not , resolve it and check for metrics.


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