OnCommand Api Services errno 3003 MetricService

I'm trying to get any metrics of a cluster component, eg:
But I always get the following error:
Response Code: 404
         Management service instance not found for the specified request.
         Unable to find a management-service instance for the 'MetricService'. Please check if the management-service instances have discovered the resource or if management-service instances are added in API Services.
I can access the monitoring and event rest apis, but not the metrics rest api calls.
OCUM: 6.4RC1
OPM: 2.1.0RC1 in Full Integration Mode
OCAPI: 1.1
OCAPI Settings:
Access to Unified Manager Database with Database User/Integration Schema
API access to Unified Manager Server with Local User/OnCommand Administrator
Any ideas?

Re: OnCommand Api Services errno 3003 MetricService

pl. check the "connection" status with OPM. This can be checked in API1.1 UI:


below is example:

https://<IP Address>:8443/api-admin/#/management-services


check "Access to OnCommand Performance Manager Database" is fine. If not , resolve it and check for metrics.


Re: OnCommand Api Services errno 3003 MetricService

You can get the cluster performance matrices by connecting to the OPM Mysql DB directly using the database user.