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Perl and Manageability SDK v9.3 issue


Greetings - Just started playing with the Neatpp ManageabilitySDK and Perl.


I tried a simple use case of the smple program and am running into the following issue:


[root@svlv6231# pwd


root@centosvm# perl cluster01 foo bar system-get-version
Can't locate object method "new" via package "HTTP::Request" (perhaps you forgot to load "HTTP::Request"?) at ../../../../lib/perl/NetApp/ line 722.


Anyone have any idea what this error message means. It appears I have all the required Perl Modules loaded at run time.


Thx in advance!


Re: Perl and Manageability SDK v9.3 issue


Hello @pete_veenbaas,


Which dependencies did you install?  When I use the Perl module(s) I install these:


  • LWP::UserAgent
  • XML::Parser
  • Net::SSLeay
  • Socket
  • Switch

LWP::UserAgent installs, among other things, the HTTP::Request module.


Also, you can see how to create a container based version of the NMSDK here if you're interested.


Hope that helps.



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Re: Perl and Manageability SDK v9.3 issue


Thx Andrew - I was missing the LWP::Useragent module

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