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Python SDK Issue: Couldn't find end of Start Tag netapp


I get the following problem when trying to use the SDK with Python (2.7, 3.3, or 3.4). If I intentionally put bad credentials I get authentication failure, so I think it is getting to the Netapp.


python -s <myfiler> admin <mypassword> system-get-version


<results status="failed" errno="13001" reason="Couldn't find end of Start Tag netapp "></results>


Any ideas?



Had same problem with Perl, turned out that my Linux distribution had some bad characters on the first line of /etc/issue, a dirty quick solution was to delete that first line so I got a hit on a text-string.


Problem is in the SDK (Perl in this case, guess it is the same in Python.




sub get_platform_info .....


if ($osType eq 'linux') {
if (-e "/etc/SuSE-release") {
chomp($osName = `head -n 1 /etc/SuSE-release`);
} else {
choIn mp($osName = `head -n 1 /etc/issue`);
if ($osName =~ m/(.*?) \(.*?\)/) {
$osName = $1;
chomp($processor = `uname -p`);
$osInfo = $osName . " " . $processor;


As you see, it does a head -n 1 /etc/issue.


Of course, you might have a completly diffrent problem, but it is worth looking into.


You can add set_debug_style("NA_PRINT_DONT_PARSE") (don't know the Python syntax here, but should be similar) to your code and get some verbose debug.





Your reply got me pointed in the right direction and I managed to find a workaround. My employer has a large security blurb in /etc/issue and I guess the API doesn't like it. Rather than changing /etc/issue, I updated the code a bit so it would be able to find my OS. For the benefit of anyone else who finds this, in I changed:


if os.path.isfile("/etc/SuSE-release"):

    pipe = os.popen('head -n 1 /etc/SuSE-release')


    pipe = os.popen("head -n 1 /etc/issue")





if os.path.isfile("/etc/SuSE-release"):

    pipe = os.popen('head -n 1 /etc/SuSE-release')

elif os.path.isfile("/etc/redhat-release"):

    pipe = os.popen('head -n 1 /etc/redhat-release')


    pipe = os.popen("head -n 1 /etc/issue")



Thanks again. This has been driving me crazy for a long time.

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