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api to match volume name to export information


I'm looking for a way from the api to match the volume name to the export entry. I've found that generally /vol/{name} maps to the volume name, but that doesn't appear to be a given. Is there a method that i can fetch this information.



For 7mode, Get-NaNfsExport [[-Path] <String>] [-Persistent] [-Controller <NaController>] [<CommonParameters>] or you use cli, exportfs -q /vol/xxx.


our mode is 7-mode

exportfs -q dosen't return the volume information, just the export path and actual export path in the below i would expect that somewhere it would identify the volumes test2, or vol0. In the first case, the volume name could maybe be regexed out of the actualpath, but in the second it becomes more complicated.

exportfs -q /vol/test2_22

/vol/test2_22   -actual=/vol/test2,sec=sys,(ruleid=222),rw

exportfs -q /vol/vol0/home

/vol/vol0/home  -sec=sys,(ruleid=1),rw,root=,nosuid

I'll need to check what the psh Get-NaNfsExport is running, i would assume its running <nfs-exportfs-list-rules /> or <nfs-exportfs-list-rules-2 />, neither return volume information


Are you on 7-mode or C-mode?

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