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I've received an urgent request from a customer to have an end user group run their own API call to a volume on a filer to report space usage.  I'm sure the SDK will allow this to happen.  The challenge is that I don't have any scripting knowledge nor have i worked with the SDK in the past.  I'm more then willing to learn, but I'm under some pressure to deliver something the the customer ASAP.

Can anyone help direct me to a script or example that someone has already created that I can share?




Re: help getting started with SDK

NetApp Alumni

Hi Carmine,

Please download the SDK and documentation from NetApp's development site.  Then look for code examples in the src/sample/Data_ONTAP directory in the language you prefer.  You want to look for volume-list-info in 7-mode and volume-get-iter for Clustered ONTAP.

Also available from the above site is a tool called zexplorer or ZEDI which generates code.

Finally, you can download WFA, Workflow Automation which include workflows and has a API to call the workflow.  Check the communities site for more information.


   - Rick -

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