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NFS Client Stats Info not available


I have setup the DataONTAP cluster mode simulator on VMWare.

I created an NFS share, connected to it and created a directory and a file in that directory.

When I try to query the client stats using the NfsStatsGetClientStatsRequest (via the Java API Bindings) I get the following error...

"Error : 13005 Unable to find API: nfs-stats-get-client-stats"

How can I enabled NFS Client Stats in the simulator ? OR it is not possible at all to enable those APIs on a simulator. I am assuming that the license info is correct since I was able to create an NFS share and was also able to write to it.

When I connect to the simulator using a browser though, I can see the NFS stats buried deep inside the Web UI. Is there some other way to query NFS Stats other than the NFS Client Stats related API calls ?




Re: NFS Client Stats Info not available


Try to enable this option :

# options nfs.per_client_stats.enable on

and use perfstat script.

Re: NFS Client Stats Info not available

Hi Said,

Thanks for the help.

I am a bit new at these things (actually, totally new )

Should that option be enabled from the VLOADER prompt ?

Also, where can I find that perfstat script please.



Re: NFS Client Stats Info not available

Also, when I said "Is there another way to query NFS stats" I meant to ask whether there was a different way from within the API to query the NFS Client Stats...



Re: NFS Client Stats Info not available

Hi Bill,

I'm sorry, I believed that you were mode7.  I have not experienced cluster mode enough.

On 7mode, there is an options  nfs.per_client_stats.enable that enable to have NFS stat per client.

To get these stat you run perfstat ( which is software provide by Netapp  ( now)) on a Unix or windows client.

Sorry one more time.

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