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Hi all,

I hope that someone can help me with this.

I am testing an implementation for server-side copy using the NetApp ZAPI from Java.

My use-case is to copy a file from one volume/qtree to another. As I cannot guarantee that the destination already exists (which is demanded by the copyoffload) I am creating an "empty" file like this:

  1. file-write-file (path = destination-file, offset = 0, data = "00")
  2. file-truncate-file (path = destination-file)

After that, the copyoffload-copy-start command starts successfully and it seems to be working, but if I then check progress with a copyoffload-copy-status command I get the following:

<netapp version="1.1">

  <results status="passed">














So, it says "completed", but nevertheless has an error code set (which is ECOL_COPY_INTERNALERROR) and when I stat the target file I get this:

<netapp version="1.1">

  <results status="passed">



















So, what's happening here?

This was with the simulator 8.0.1.

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