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how to tell what an IP is?


Is there a ZAPI command i can use generically, to find if it is a 7mode system, cDOT or vServer? i know i can do system-get-version and parse the cluster part, but is there a way to find if the IP i got is a vServer? i'm asking as zexplore has a category for vServer api...


Re: how to tell what an IP is?


I don't think there is a generic API call that returns what the destiantin IP 'is'. I've only connected to the cluster mgmt interface so far, and from there you can get/set the vserver you're connected to. I would imagine if you connect to a vserver management interface you're only going to be able to 'see' the current vserver context (but again I haven't tested this). There are API calls that only make sense in the vserver context.



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