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VMware Solutions Discussions

100 % CPU and Memory when starting NetApp VSC Service


Hello,  below is the problem we have...

- Sername: VMwareUTIL

- o/s: w2k8.R2.SP1

- vCPU: 2

- RAM: 8GB

- Platform: virtual machine

- Apps: NetApp VSC 2.1

- Apps: VMware Update Manager 4.1

NetApp VSC service runs under LOCAL SYSTEM.

- Servername: VMwarevCenter

- o/s: w2k8.R2.SP1

- vCPU: 2

- RAM: 8GB

- Platform: virtual machine

- Apps: vCenter 4.1

Up until last Saturday the vCenter VM was running with w2k3.R2.SP2.  Everything was working fine.

We upgraded \ replaced the w2k3.R2.SP2 vCenter server with w2k8.R2.SP1.  Everything worked for a few days then when we rebooted the VMwareUTIL VM. 

Now the NetApp VSC JAVA process takes all the resources and kills the VMwareUTIL VM.  We see almost 100 % CPU and RAM and have trouble enabling the NetApp VSC plugin.

Anyone seen anything like this?



Hi and welcome to the Community!

Yes, I've seen exactly the same behaviour in a lab environment on w2k8 server. Quite often I had to kill the offending process via task manager & then everything worked fine again.

VSC 2.1.1 is out - maybe it is worth checking whether it fixes the problem?




Thanks Radek.  Just waiting on NetApp support calling us back.

I haven't tried to upgrade to VSC 2.1.1 yet.  Will discuss that with the tech and let you know

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