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Anyone else running AIX VIO?


When will SM and SMO be compatible with AIX VIO environment. The last I have heard is 1st qtr 09. Is this still correct?

There are a number of scenarios that I would like to implement with my existing system and cannot due to this issue.

Thank you


Re: Anyone else running AIX VIO?


Often times, if you work through your account team, you can file what is called a PVR (Policy Variance Request) under which you may be able to participate in an early adoption of what may be yet to come.

Re: Anyone else running AIX VIO?


Been there seen that. PVR was filed over 6 months ago. Thats why I am here asking. It appears that VMware is more important to them than VIO these days.

Waiting patiently, because that is all I can do.

Thanks for the reply though.

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