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DS14 MK1 compatibile with FAS250?


Does anyone know if I can use DS14 MK1 disk shelves with a FAS250?

Thanks in advance.


Re: DS14 MK1 compatibile with FAS250?


There is no definitive guide that says mk1 isn't supported, but it isn't. The 250/270 all shipped with mk2 and I have never seen in in mk1...270 no question needs mk2 (for it's gbe interconnect ) and 250 is the same family. I have never seen a 250 in an mk1 and the hardware guide only shows an mk2 shelf with the 1GB/2GB switch set to 1GB for both 250/270. http://now.netapp.com/NOW/knowledge/docs/hardware/filer/210-00737_E0.pdf If you are building a FrankenFiler off support for a lab you could try the mk1 though and let us know if it works 🙂

Re: DS14 MK1 compatibile with FAS250?


Agreed. Because it's not listed as supported, we must assume it is not. And I don't see getting much support for a PVR for an EOA'ed product.

Re: DS14 MK1 compatibile with FAS250?


To be honest your not far off the mark with the FrankenFiler!

This filer is only used for a VMware ESX testbed and I have been offered a MK1 full of 73GB FC drives at a good price!

Has anyone tried this before I part with my hard earned cash?

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