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Can I leverage SMO on Oracle Linux with Oracle DB on ESXi 5.5?


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We have been using a FAS6220 running 7-mode 8.1.2P3. Currently our mission critical Oracle databases run on HP-UX 11iv3. We are going to be migrating to Linux and to start testing that process we are going to set up a couple of VM's in our current vmware infrastructure. Mostly to test SMO with oracle on an oracle linux vm. I need to be able to use SMO to manage backups and be able to clone the DB and attach it on another VM in the same cluster. I can't imagine that being possible with vmdk's or RDM's, at least not the cloning part. Does anyone know if NFS or iSCSI would work? I would prefer NFS since it's so much easier to manage from a growth perspective.


Anyone have any ideas or can point me to some good literature on using SMO to clone DB's from one VM to another?


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Jeff -


SMO makes cloning to an alternate host an easy process, in an NFS or SAN environment.


The best source of information is the SMO documentation.

See http://mysupport.netapp.com/documentation/productlibrary/index.html?productID=30040

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Hi Eugene,


I've looked through the documentation quite a bit, but did not see much (if anything) that specifically addresses this situation. You mention that NFS and SAN should work, but the virtual machine doesn't have any FCP initiators since the host takes care of this. I could use raw device mappings, but I don't think that would work for cloning with SMO since the DBAs wouldn't see any initiators on the target virtual machine when they attempt to clone. iSCSI might work, but if the traffic is going to go over ethernet I would rather use NFS if I can. Am I missing something? Is it possible to use Fiber Channel to clone from one virtual machine to another in vmWare?