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Can not register VSC with vCenter Server - missing ../../etc/vsphere-credentials


I try to install VSC 5.0 on our vCenter 5.5 U1 (Hosts also on 5.5. U1) on Windows 2012 Standard. We have some problems with it.

The first issue we had: the VSC service did not start or stoped immediately ... the solution came from this thread "Issue with fresh install of VSC 5.0x6" (we had no keystore.properties and nvpf.keystore) ... Creating the SSL certificate: vsc ssl setup -cn <hostname>

Now the VSC service runs but we can not register the VSC with the vCenter Server. I get only a blank page although the server runs on port 8143 (checked with telnet on this port).

I think the main problem is SMVI. In the event log it writes perpetually an error:

69715903 [timerFactory] WARN com.netapp.common.credentials.FileCredentialPersistenceManager - CPM-00305: Persistence file ../../etc/vsphere-credentials does not exist.

So my question: how can I fix the missing vsphere-credentials file?


Re: Can not register VSC with vCenter Server - missing ../../etc/vsphere-credentials

I'm running into the exact same issue! If I find the root cause I will post my findings back here.



Re: Can not register VSC with vCenter Server - missing ../../etc/vsphere-credentials

Hi Dan,

I have a solution ...

In the wrapper log I found a warning:

[ WARN] NVPF-00000: vSphere credentials not set.  Please run the "servercredential set" command to set the vSphere credentials

Use the command line to set this credentials to your vCenter SSO. Go into the bin-folder and use the following command:

C:\Program Files\NetApp\Virtual Storage Console\bin>vsc servercredential set -host <hostname> -username <username> -port 443

Now you can make the vSphere Plugin Registration via https://localhost:8143/Register.html

I hope I could help you with it.


Re: Can not register VSC with vCenter Server - missing ../../etc/vsphere-credentials

Thanks! I was able to get past this by doing the following also:

  • Install VSC 5.0 (it will take a while but eventually complete)
  • Run the following command from a command prompt window
    • # vsc ssl setup -generate-passwords
  • Uninstall VSC 5.0
  • Reinstall VSC 5.0

After completing those steps everything seems to work properly. If I run into this issue again I will give your method a shot as it is a few steps shorter.

Thanks for sharing,


Updated steps based on further findings

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