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VSC 2.1 "Server Query Failed. Please see the logs for details."

I recently migrated vCenter to a newer server and thought I had covered all my bases. vSphere seems to be working correctly and VSC does too until I try to run a backup job. The backup jobs fail without giving much info. I also get an error message when clicking on 'Monitoring and Host Config\Storage Details - NAS', "Server query failed. Please see the logs for details".

The credentials for the filers seem to be correct, as the overview tab looks good and I have successfully provisioned several datastores using VSC since the migration. I have also reset the default controller credentials.

In the vsc.log I see the following

[ERROR] getServerData() FAILED

[ERROR] Error: The call failed on the server; see server log for details

..which is the same as the pop-up error. not too helpful.

We are still on vSphere 5.0, so I could upgrade to VSC 4.2.1, but would like to have access to my backups before I do.

Google doesn't return any relevant results, has anyone experienced this error?



VSC 2.1 "Server Query Failed. Please see the logs for details."

I have no clue where the error came from, but upgrading to VSC 4.2.1 solved the issue.

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