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Change of management interface for SVM in VSC is not applied




We have a VMWare environment with VMs stored on four different SVMs in different security zones. Due to misconfiguration in the initial phase of implementing Virtual Storage Console we are now in need of changing the management interface that VSC will access the SVM through.


Doing so is visibly possible by choosing the vserver and selecting Modify. In the appearing dialog there is a field for hostname/ip, username and so on. We changed the hostname(it is resolvable in DNS) and saved the configuation by clicking OK. Going back in again shows the config is changed and all looks good.


Now, when testing the config by making a snapshot backup of a VM it fails. In the logfile C:\program files\Netapp\Virtual Storage Console\smvi\server\log\server.log we see that VSC is trying to connect with the SVM through the old management interface, which is no longer available(and will never be).


What we see here is that a configuration change is not fully applied. Somehow VSC finds the old name at some uknown location and uses that.


We need help to find this and correct it or otherwise a method of changing the configuration.


Does anyone know how?



VSC 6.0

cDOT 8.3.2

ESX 6.x


Best regards

Erik R-G