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Data Ontap Simulator (v7.3.3) - can't access FilerView


Hi there,

i have a problem to access FilverView via http://simulator_ip/na_admin .

The Simulator is installed on Oracle Enterprise Linux which is virtualized in VirtualBox.

When trying to establish a connection with the above link, i'm getting the error that the server could not be found.

I can't even ping the IP of the simulator, although my virtual machine is connected with my network and the internet.

After changing the IP address in the setup of the simulator and executing the reboot commend in the terminal, i'm getting the following error:

pf_packet_read: reading packet: Bad file descriptor. This failure was probably caused by having your network interface down or an invalid interface. Re-run setup.sh and choose a different interface or fix the one you have chosen.

How can I get this error fixed? I don't know how to choose a different interface or to fix the chosen one.

I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance!




1.) I have never worked on Virtual box but you need to make sure that connectivity must be fine. Check for any kind of firewall/Iptables on linux, that may be one of the reason to stop things..

2.) To chosse different interface, first add one more virutal network card in virutal machine and then during filer setup. Give name of second interfaces instead of choosing default eth0.

3.) once all through, check for httpd.admin.enable must be on in Netapp simulator. You will be able to access Filerview.

Otherwise download Vmware player and install linux and ontap simulator on that and it's very easy..