ESX Host Utilities Question

Hi all ,

I have ESX 3.5 update 4 that connected to Netapp Storage.

i install the ESX Host utilities , and need to run config_mpath and config_hba.

should i run this commands for both Storage controllers ? or only on the controller that the LUNS resides on ?

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Re: ESX Host Utilities Question

You run these utils on each ESX host connecting to a filer, not on a filer / controller(s).



Re: ESX Host Utilities Question


i know that and i run the command on the ESX.

my question was:

let's say that i run this command:

config_hba --configure --secure --access filername:user:pass

if  i  have a clustered controller - should i write instead of filername both of the controllers ? or just the controller that handle the LUNS ?



Re: ESX Host Utilities Question

Both controllers to make sure things are optimised for failover. But running against the second controller will do little for the multi-pathing.

Re: ESX Host Utilities Question

Also, I believe that if you go by the docs (step by step) the install script will run what's needed during install (helpful at least initially....definitely a good question for later runs).