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does it make sense to have both FCP and FCoE enabled and in use in an architecture?

doesnt FCoE render the use of FC useless?

is there a real technical benefit in going FC over FCoE (FC8 and not FC16 - Since netapp is not supporting yet)

for me its either FC8 +10gbe for NAS base traffic or FCOE converged for both?

what do you think?


Re: FCP VS FCoE!!!


If you've got a 10Gig network infrastructure, why even bother with FC or FCoE at all?  You could just use iSCSI and not have to deal with SAN switches or zoning anymore.

Re: FCP VS FCoE!!!



But I would consider NAS before going SAN, if it is for VMware or XenServer I would go NFS almost 100% of the times. Use SAN only when NAS is not an option.

Re: FCP VS FCoE!!!


no virtual environment. all physical mostly MS environment, Siezmic Data (petrel and geoframe), some documentum and normal file sharing.

its a really mixed workload.

i consulting on dropping the FCP and instead only going forward with FCOE however with a dual card mode. so instead with FCP+FCOE per server ill just go Dual FCOE card.

customer can dedicate if he want the first card for block and do whatever he wants with the other but at least am converging and utilizing same switching platform here.

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