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Find misaligned virtual machines with SANScreen

Is there any solution to find misaligned virtual machines with SANScreen?

My goal is to find the most IO intensive misaligned VMs.

I know that in SANScreen is possible to see VMs IO in MB/s but not the number of IO requests.

Thank you.


Re: Find misaligned virtual machines with SANScreen

Hey Fabiano,

I don't think SANscreen will be able to help you find misaligned virtual machines, as we are pulling data from the vSphere API, and I don't believe they have any metric there that would help find misaligned vms.

What SANscreen can do for you today is help you quickly identify which block based VMs have the most IO throughput, and also identify which VMs sit on heavily utilized flexvols or luns, assuming you own Application Insight: Array Performance and the VMs are sitting on a storage array supported by AI:AP

That said, we are looking at pulling more metrics from vSphere 4.1 for future versions of SANscreen.

Check out the KB!
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