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FlexPod VMware DR without SRM


Are there tested procedures that allow the use of SnapMirror for site resilience / DR on FlexPod (VMware 5.5, FCoE, UCS, Cluster mode, ...) without using SRM? We can switch a LUN to the remote site but it seems error prone and difficult. I tried cloning a volume at the remote site and VMware wouldn't mount it without insisting on a reformat. 
Any pointers very welcome


Re: FlexPod VMware DR without SRM


I can't speak to any kind of DR testing without SRM, but to mount the LUN you will need to resignature it since vCenter/vSphere will detect it as a copy.  The instructions are here.  After that you can browse the datastore and add the VMs to inventory...though when you power on the VMs you'll probably get the "did you move or copy this VM" question for each one of them.  Remember, if you say you moved it vSphere will not give it a new MAC, so if they're connected to the same network it will cause issues.



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