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How do I change the account VSC 5.0 runs under?


Some how my new install of VSC 5.0 on vcenter 5.5 is running under my admin creds. For obvious reasons I would like to change this. Where do I look to set these credentials up, I can not find anywhere to modify how VSC runs.


Re: How do I change the account VSC 5.0 runs under?


You need to re-register the VSC to the vCenter server using the account that you want it to use.

Log onto the machine that's running the VSC software, and open https://localhost:8143/Register.html in a web browser. Enter the new credentials and click register. Your existing VSC configuration will be retained but the account will be updated. It's best to use a "service account" with a password that doesn't expire.

Note also that there is a bug that may cause the account to be locked out in AD. For a workaround, see https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=2019934&locale=en_US.

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