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Issues while using Netapp VSC plugin for Cloudstack


I am not able to do the following stuff while using NetApp VSC plugin, Could someone answer them if these are actual issues?

1. I am not able to create VM on netapp VSC provisioned primary storage on KVM hypervisor, Note: VM creation was successful on other primary storages.

2. Not able to resize VM's data disk.

3. Not able to download  a volume.





Re: Issues while using Netapp VSC plugin for Cloudstack


Hi Talluri, we noticed a discrepancy between primary storage on KVM with and without the plugin.  We have been able to reproduce the issue you are seeing on KVM, and for this reason we are not claiming support for KVM at this point.

I can also confirm that the resize operation is not behaving as expected; we will look at it more closely.  On the volume download volume, I was able to perform that operation without any trouble.  Could you please give us the steps you took that led you to fail downloading the volume?  What I did was as follows:

1. Create PS using the VSC for VMware, highlight Enable NetApp Snapshotting as part of the creation process, also use storage tags.

2. Create compute / disk offerings that use said PS (via tags)

3. Create an instance of the included CentOS templates (no GUI), using the disk offerings created on step 2.

4. Take a snapshot of the root volume of the instance created in step 3.

5. Create a new volume from the snapshot created in step 4.

6. Download the volume created on step 5.

Best regards,

// David

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Re: Issues while using Netapp VSC plugin for Cloudstack


Thanks David for the confirmation of KVM and disk resize issues.

Here are the steps I followed before performing volume download:

1. I have modified provider from 'nfs' to 'netapp' in the DB table image_store to provision secondary storages through VSC.

2. With out the above change, download volume works for me too.

One more issue I would like to discuss is, If there is an existing  secondary storage on non-netapp storage server, I was not able to make the secondary storage as managed. This is going to effect the provisioning of further secondary storages through VSC.

Re: Issues while using Netapp VSC plugin for Cloudstack



Thanks for those extra steps in order to reproduce the problem.  We've created issues in our tracking system so they can be addressed.


// David

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