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Java NullPointerException error while modifying storage system in VSC



I'm starting with VSC 5.0 installation in our vSphere 5.5.0 environment. After successfully adding a storage system (7-mode filer) into VSC, I can "Enable Editing" by inserting credentials and configure provisioning details subsequently. When accessing that dialog later again through "Modify" action I'm immediately getting the following error:

When I close this error message and attempt to "Enable Editing" again, the dialog stuck, cannot click "OK".

Also I've noticed the "Configuration -> Set Default Credentials" is always reset to user "root" after restarting VSC service even when I changed it to different user/password earlier.

Any ideas how to fix this?




Did you ever figure this out?  I have the same issue with a freshly setup vCenter 5.5 with VSC 5.


You are very likely hitting the following bug, however I would recommend opening a support case to confirm:






that URL returns nothing..


Likely you were trying to dedicate interface resources for VSC to use.  To correct this you need to delete C:\Program Files\NetApp\Virtual Storage Console\etc\ControllerConfigurations.dat


Then you need to edit kaminoprefs.xml located in C:\Program Files\NetApp\Virtual Storage Console\etc\kamino\ to fix.


update the following with your relevant dedicated NAS/iSCSI subnets:

<entry key="default.restrict.nfs.mount.networks" value="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"/>
<entry key="default.restrict.iscsi.mount.networks" value="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"/>
<entry key="default.allow.nfs.mount.networks" value="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"/>
<entry key="default.allow.iscsi.mount.networks" value="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"/>






I have exactly the same issue.  The Datastore provisioning was trying to use the wrong interface to share so I went in to edit, was forced to use root, modified and saved and still had the same issue.  Tried to go back in and see if my changes really took place and then I get exactly the same dialogue as yours.

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