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NFS to VMware on FAS2050


We have VI3 running NFS to a StoreVault S500.  We just installed a FAS2050 and setup an export using UNIX security to VI3.  VI3 is unable to connect and says the NFS server is denying the connections.  Not sure where the problem is here.  Any suggestions?

The exact error in vmware is

error during configuration of the host, cannot open volume /vmfs/volumes 2450ce1f-a246ce8        




Hi Scott,

You need to set the permissions on the NFS export so that VMware has permissions to mount it.

3 things you need to d/check...

Check the security level on the volume (from the filerview, goto volumes -> qtrees, from the command line "qtree security"). If ths security is set to NTFS (probably likely), you want to change this to UNIX.

When you change the NFS exports, make sure to allow both root and rw access to all ESX servers. From the filerview there is a wizard that walks you through this, from the command line, edit /etc/exports and make sure "rw=esx1_ip:esx2_ip,root=esx1_ip:esx2_ip" and so on. Then use "exportfs -av" to re-export these (the -v makes it verbose, so should give you some feedback as to what it did).

Then go back to ESX and try again!

There are a couple of good TR's on the NOW site for ESX and NetApp integration, however I can never find it when I need it! Have a look around there, there's some good resources.


Twould be TR-3428....lots of good stuff in there including optimal NFS settings (both for volumes on the NetApp and the ESX host).


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