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OnCommand related object for vmware datastore



I have 2 customer where the following occurs :

in OnCommand interface, server tab, you can have the link between VMware datastore / VM and NetApp storage.

if the datastore is on NetApp qtree - with NFS - the link can't be done

if we move datastore at the root of the volume, link is ok

first customer is on vFiler and second one is in native controller configuration

do you have the same issue in your configurations ? it seems like OnCommand can't address qtree configuration ????

thanks a lot





What I suspected and tested without success yesterday seem to be, finally, a solution.

The issue, in my situation, may be caused by the fact that the exported entity in /etc/exports did not match the mounted path as a VMware datastore : I exported the volume, and mounted the qtree.

After changing /etc/exports to set the export path to the qtree, it seem to be ok.

The thing is :

- I had to wait a little while after exporting the fs again (exportfs -a) : no need to rediscover Host Service, but had to wait like 10 mn for the link to establish

- It is possible I had to put a VM in the datastore for the storage controller association to work, but I'm not sure about that.

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