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Product Compatibility Headache


Hi all,

I have the following environment running across two sites:

Primary Site:

vCenter 5.5 Standard

3 x ESXi 5.5 hosts on Enterprise license

SRM 5.5

ONTAP 8.1.4 7-mode

NetApp VSC 5.0

VMFS datastores over iSCSI

CIFS shares

DR Site:

vCenter 5.5 Foundation

3 x ESXi 5.5 hosts on Essentials Plus license

SRM 5.5

ONTAP 8.1 7-mode

We are licensed for OnCommand Unified Manager and I am looking to deploy this / see what it can do.

Is OnCommand UM supported for vSphere 5.5 when running 7-mode? We have looked at upgrading to C-mode, but there is no in-place upgrade path i can see and C-mode doesn't (yet?) have all the features we use and rely on in 7-mode.

Can anyone explain the difference in the backup and recovery features available through VSC and OnCommand UM?





Almost 100 views and no answers?

NetApp please comment on this.


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