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Questions regarding upgrading to Vsphere Vcenter 4.1 and RCU, SMVI, VSC


Hi Everyone,

Currently running Ontap 7.3.2, vSphere 4.0 along with SMVI 2.0P1D1, RCU 3.0, and VSC 1.x.

We're looking to do an in place upgrade our existing vCenter server from 4.0 to 4.1 along with upgrading to VSC2.0.  Any suggestions or best practices regarding the steps needed to make a smooth upgrade?

I read through the VMware upgrade doc, but it really doesn't mention anything about uninstalling or disabling pluggins.  I haven't read through the VSC 2.0 doc just yet but will be doing so shortly.

Should I uninstall all the Netapp software (SMVI, RCU and VSC), upgrade to 4.1 and then install VSC 2.0.  Or upgrade to 4.1, then uninstall NetApp software and then install VSC 2.0?  All suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated.

As for our ESX 4.0 servers, after upgrading our vCenter server, we'll do a clean install of 4.1 on new systems and then just migrate the VM's to it.




before you upgrade, make sure that your vCenter Server is 64bit ready as vCenter v4.1 REQUIRES a 64bit Operating System. The Update Manager is still 32bit tho, so be sure to have both, 64bit and 32bit DSNs at hand.

Back to the NetApp stuff:

I´d strongly suggest to uninstall the old SMVI, RCU and VSC as these seperate tools now come into one completaly integrated toolset, not sure what left-over parts might mess with your installation, usualy in a mid-sized environment its not that much stuff to reconfigure. Be sure to delete old SMVI SnapShots after you successfuly established a new backup using VSC 2.0.

Kind regards



NetApp doesn't have any guidance about this sort of upgrade.   But, if it were me, I would uninstall/un-register all the stand-alone plugins, do the upgrade (or uninstall/install) of vCenter Server 4.1, then install VSC 2.0.    I'm not aware of any problems, just trying to minimize the possibilities of something going wrong.  


Just to confirm, you suggest that we uninstall all NetApp apps (VSC, SMVI, RCU) on our existing vCenter server, upgrade to 4.1 and then install VSC 2.0, which contains the latest build of VSC, SMVI, and RCU?



When you uninstall a previous version of SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure (SMVI) prior to

installing Virtual Storage Console 2.0, you have to save the backup metadata prior to

migrating the backup metadata by copying the contents installed in the C:\Program Files\NetApp

\SMVI\server\repository folder into the C:\Program Files\NetApp\Virtual Storage Console\smvi

\server\repository folder.

After you finish copying the backup metadata, you must copy the contents of the credential file from

the C:\Program Files\NetApp\SMVI\server\etc\cred folder into the C:\Program Files\NetApp\Virtual

Storage Console\smvi\server\etc\cred folder.




Thanks for this post. just to get it right in my mind, VSC contain SMVI/RCU/VSC? is there any special license required that I need to arrange in advance?



yes, exactly.


from Licensing point of view, if I can download it then I will be able to use it, Right?




you may need 2 licenses

1) FlexClone- for cloning, SFR, restore NFS VMDK to alternate datastore and NFS datastore mounts

2)SMVI- to use the backup and recovery feature

It will be part of our bundles.




Hi Amrita

thanks for your reply

We have flexclone  and SMVI. so when I install VSC I will not be prompted for special license as I cannot see VSC license in our license portal? also there was no license needed to install SMVI!!

edited, I found info on VSC at download page.

thanks a lot


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