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RBAC ROle for VSC 6.X



ANy plans to adding VSC versions 6.X to this tool?


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Re: RBAC ROle for VSC 6.X

Oh they have but it is "hidden".  Whoever packaged the latest NetApp RBAC User Creator did not package the XML for the user roles correctly on the ToolChest site  It's not complicated and you do not need to rewrite XML file.  Follow these steps:





Download the following file ontapPrivs.xml.


2. Open that file up and do a Find for VSX 6.0 and VSC 6.1 you should find it.


3. Go to the following:

C:/Program Files (x86)/NetApp/RBAC User Creater

Rename the current ontapPrivs.xml to ontapPrivs.xml.old (This is to protect you from yourself in case you want to roll back to the old XML)

Place the downloaded file into that directory path


4. Open the RBACUserCreator.exe and drop the right side boxes to VMware VSC and you should now see VSC 5.0, 6.0. 6.1 as options.


5. Enjoy!



Make sure you you always login to each individual filer or it will give you a "Success" message when attempting to create a user account and you will have nothing on that filer.  Also if you upgrade from say 8.1.x to 8.2.x you will have to rerun the RBAC creator.  If you look inside the XML they have segmented the particular ONTAP versions with "if thens" to know what APIs to add.

Check out the KB!
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