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Redeploy Automation


Hi guys,

We're currently using at a customer some VMware View Desktop Pools with 'auto refresh' option enabled. Unfortunately, this is a slow process of "zeroing" virtual desktops. So, we are thinking about deploy these pools using NetApp Provisioning and Cloning of VSC. The idea behind this is to deploy VMs using NetApp FlexClone, and schedule an automated daily redeploy.

I saw that maybe it would be possible using an API, but I'm not so familiar with VI SDK. So, my question is: there's no CLI for use Provisioning and Cloning like we have for Backup and Recovery?

Any ideas on how could I automate this job easily? 😃

Thanks a lot!


Re: Redeploy Automation


The Provisioning and Cloning of VSC has a SOAP API that can be used for automation.  The details are in the Installation and Admin Guide.  We have a number of perl, java, and powershell samples on the communities.  A good starting point would be here: https://communities.netapp.com/docs/DOC-11407

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