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Removing a shelf from 2 clustered FAS3160 ?



I have a pair of FAS3160 which are active active I need to remove 3 shelves. obviously I need to destroy the vols and aggr's but am I safe to down just the filer that the shelves are connected to or do I need to down both ?

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I also found this

Solution ID: kb40710
Last updated: 4 MAY 2009

Is hot removal, hot swapping or hot moving of a disk shelf supported?

View Environment section

Can disk shelves (any generation) be hot removed, hot swapped or hot moved with NetApp Storage Appliances?

Is hot removal or hot swapping of a DS-14 shelf supported?

Hot removal, hot swapping or hot moving of any kind of disk shelves is not supported at this time and the node(s) need to be halted to perform either of these operations. While there are some scenarios where this may appear to work, there are issues that may appear in the future.

NOTE: In clustered environments, BOTH storage controllers need to be halted.

The correct procedure to remove or to hot-swap a disk shelf:
A) halt filer (or both filers in a cluster)
B) change/remove shelf
C) boot filer(s)

Related Documents:
"Replacing a disk shelf" in the disk shelf Hardware Service Guides
"Adding disk shelves without powering down" in the Active/Active Guide for your version of Data ONTAP




I beg to differ with the previous poster on the hot removal not being supported.

I do this all day long, without issue.

I will say that there are certian caveats to be aware of.  If you are running Data OnTap there is a bug:

Bug ID332630
TitleDisk removal and inserts in quick succession may lead to a panic
Duplicate of
Bug Severity2 - System barely usable
Bug StatusFixed
ProductData ONTAP
Bug TypeUnknown
 Under very rare circumstances, removal and inserts of a spare disk from a system
 in quick succession may lead to a panic.
 Avoid unnecessary removal and inserts of disks from a system. If a disk must be
 removed, follow the guidelines listed in the Storage Management Guide to do so.
Related Solutions
    Fixed-In VersionA complete list of releases where this bug is fixed is available here.
    Related Bugs
    Bug Watch Status


    This has been fixed, so hot removing in 7.3.2 is good to go.  As a side note, you may occasionally need to reseat on or two drives per loop when you hot add them.

    Best of luck with it.


    It works, and it's supported are two very different things.  The KB you posted is simply referring to removing individual disks, not an entire tray from a loop.

    The KB he found on the other hand is up to date and accurate, as evidenced by the environments it applies to:

    NetApp filer
    Data ONTAP GX
    Data ONTAP 8.0  Cluster-Mode
    Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode
    Data ONTAP 7G and  earlier

    Don't hot remove shelves, feel free to contact NetApp support and they'll tell you the same thing.


    NetApp doesn't currently support hot shelf removal, so you should shutdown both nodes of the cluster. 

    It's best to zero the drives and  remove ownership before removing them.


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