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Removing certificate error due to VSC


While installing VirtualStorageConsole it requests the IP-number of the vCenter.

The problem is that it seems to remember this IP and when you access the vCenter with the plugin installed it complains about certificate error, probably because it is refered to with IP instead of DNS-name.

Is there a way of installing the VSC so that my users don't get the cerificate error everytime they log in.

The problem is there since VSC 1.0 and I had hopes it was fixed in VSC 2 but it obviously isn't or I'm doing the same mistake while installing the plugin.

Doing the workaround to ignore certificate errors (in the vCenter client or by ignorance) is not the correct way of doing this.



Generate your own self signed certificates by IP ?

You'd still have to install the root certs on clients.

This is a valid work around for the certs on filers.

Not much more security than accepting the cert and adding it to clients.

Just a suggestion ... (Hmm - something I should play with?)

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

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Well, we du run with valid thirdparty certificates that requires us to install a root-certificate.

But vCenter client works fine (without certificate warnings) before installing VSC module.

And its a lengthy process with administration to request for new certificates.

Haven't anyone stumbled on this problem while qualitytesting?

The certificate warning due to the VSC the first thing you see when you log into the vCenter client.

To make the thing worse, it seems that every client gets the VSC plugin running, no just those that actualy needs it (vSphere admins and Filer Admins).