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Restore files from nfs snapvault snapshot on secondary to primary



I'm using DFM to handle snapvault of our NFS volumes containing vmware virtual machines to our secondary FAS box, but I'm unable to get ndmpcopy to copy a file from a snapshot on the secondary to the primary. Keep getting a RPC error: ERROR: BAD ENV OP. Anyway, I'm still really new to Netapp, so I hope someone outthere is more capable or might suggest a different path to solve my problem.

ndmpcopy -da root:password /vol/sv_fas3240_1_aggr0_nfs1/.snapshot/2012-12-08_0812+0100_daily_vmwarexdataset_fas2240-1_sv_fas32/vmwareexdataset_fas3240-1_fas32/lab-kb-aos1/vmware.log fas3240-1:/fas3240_1_aggr0_nfs1/lab-kb-aos2/*

Ndmpcopy: Starting copy [ 13 ] ...

Ndmpcopy: fas2240-1: Notify: Connection established

Ndmpcopy: fas3240-1: Notify: Connection established

Ndmpcopy: fas2240-1: Connect: Authentication successful

Ndmpcopy: fas3240-1: Connect: Authentication successful

Ndmpcopy: fas2240-1: Log: DATA: Backup terminated: backup configuration failure (2) on RPC error: ERROR: BAD ENV OP (for /vol/sv_fas3240_1_aggr0_nfs1/.snapshot/2012-12-08_0812\+0100_daily_vmwarexdataset_fas2240-1_sv_fas32/vmwareexdataset_fas3

Ndmpcopy: fas2240-1: Connection halted: HALT: Internal error!

Ndmpcopy: fas3240-1: Log: RESTORE: Read Socket received EOF.

Ndmpcopy: Notify: Transfer failed

Ndmpcopy: Done

I need to copy (restore) the vm files from a snapshot on the secondary to the primary. DFM requires flexclone on the secondary to do it through it's interface - I don't have a flexclone license for the secondary.



I have been having the same problem and believe "RPC error: ERROR: BAD ENV OP" should be reported as "File not found".    In my case there was two problems.

1).  The source for the NDMPCOPY was a snapvault destination and therefore had a qtree in it.  The path needs to include the qtree name after the snapshot and before the directory name.

2).  I though I needed *.* to restore the content of a directory but this is incorrect and will result in a RPC error.

Hope it helps