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Restoring Larger Virtual Machines


We have been discussing a challenge that I wanted to throw out to the wider community.  The challenge is what is the best method to restore a large (VMware) virtual machine?

Some context:

  • 7-Mode 8.x environment
  • vSphere 5
  • Virtual machines up or over 1.5TB in size

The customer is using VSC but when restoring the VM it is taking a very long time, consuming a lot of resource on the controller and they have had the restore fail.

Our understanding is that the VSC process is using SFSR so essentially doing a copy which is why it takes so long.  A couple of suggestions that have been put forward:

  • Using Storage VMotion to speed the process.  If anyone has recent references to this and / or experience it would be useful
  • Manually use sisclone to do it

Both methods are outside VSC which is a shame, but if anyone does have practical experience of either approach or another we would be keen to hear.

Many thanks

Craig Menzies


Re: Restoring Larger Virtual Machines


I have ran into similar issues before and have done the following to restore larger VMs:

  • Mount the VSC backup of the VM's datastore
  • Remove the bad copy of the VM from the VMware inventory (You can delete it as it is useless at this point)
  • Browse into the mounted VSC backup datastore and import the VM into the inventory
  • Power on the VM and validate that it is working properly
  • Storage vMotion the VM back to its original datastore
  • Unmount the VSC backup datastore

This process seemed to work well however we were using 10GbE-connected NFS datastores. Hopefully in the future VSC will be able to perform sisclone operations for any restore jobs.

Hope this helps,


Re: Restoring Larger Virtual Machines


Dan, thank you for the quick reply.

Good to hear someone as worked through this process.

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