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How can I unmount a snapshot mounted in single File restore?

The SFR pane is empty so I can't delete it there.



It's a bit hard to tell from your screen shot where you are but from the Backup screen in VSC you can just right click and select unmount for the backup (not the datastore!)

Alternatively you can select the source datastore, right click, select NetApp, Backup and recovery, unmount. Taht will bring up a wizard showing you all the mounted backups for that datastore...



SMVI SFR - Unable to delete SMVI Single File

Restore Job

KB ID: 2010312 Version: 2.0 Published date: 01/25/2012

Categories: Troubleshooting


After creating a SnapManager® for Virtual Infrastructure (SMVI) Single File Restore SFR job, and

subsequently removing the mounted VMDK from the Virtual Machine (VM) after completing the

restore; the SMVI SFR tab will still show the job, and will not allow entity to be removed.


This is caused due to manually removing the mounted VMDK from the VM where the restore has

completed, instead of waiting for the session timeout or unmounting it through the SFR session manager

in the SMVI GUI.


Perform the following steps to remove the SFR entry from the SMVI GUI SFR tab:

Stop the SMVI 1. service on the SMVI server.

Navigate to the installation directory:

c:\program files\netapp\SMVI\server\repository


3. Rename the mounts.xml file to mounts.xml.<date>

4. Rename the sfrmounts.xml file to sfrmounts.xml.<date>

5. Restart the SMVI service.

Reopen the SMVI GUI and verify that the SFR tab no longer contains the mount.

Note: Depending on the version of SMVI, this will either remove the mount, or allow you to

manually remove the mount from within the SMVI GUI.

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