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SMVI Job Creation



Im a new user when it comes to SMVI, we just installed it, and i have a few questions.  Ive read the Admin guide and a few forums but havent seen a clear answer.  In our environment, we have an OS datastore linked to each ESX host, and then a datastore linked to every ESX host.  So, say for Server A, its OS is installed on the OS datastore, but then it has a second drive on the Datastore drive.  Every machine is set up this way.  When configuring a backup of this machine, if i do it by VM instead of by Datastore, do i have to select Server A in each datastore that the particular VM exists, and add it, in the virtual entities?  Also, we have a few machines running SQL or Oracle on them, will SMVI be able to back these machines up?  Or do i need snapmanager for SQL and Oracle to back these up properly?


Thank you for any light you can shed on this for me.


Re: SMVI Job Creation


You would need to backup all datastores that a VM spans. In case there is transient or temporary data that you do not wish to backup you could exclude those datastores using SMVI 2.0. (The option is available in scheduled backup). For Application consistent backup you would need to install SMO or SMSQL in the VM.



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