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Newbie: iSCSI group usage

Hi all,

Do we need to create a different iSCSI group for different host? Because I thought iSCSI group is to group hosts/initiator based on OS like vmware, Windows.

My case is:

I have an ESXi host: vm1.

I setup:

/vol/vol0/qtvm1/lun0 50g

iSCSI group: ig_vm1

Using lun setup I map the lun and the iSCSI group

Now I have a 2nd ESXi host: vm2

I setup:

/vol/vol0/qtvm2/lun0 100g

Using lun setup I map the lun to the SAME iSCSI group (ig_vm1).

The results:

I cannot see the LUN from vm2

The LUN apprears in vm1


I unmap the LUN /vol/vol0/qtvm2/lun0 from ig_vm1 and create another iSCSI group for it and map it. Now it shows in vm2.


We should create different iSCSI group for each host?

Thank you.


Re: Newbie: iSCSI group usage

It depends -- if you have your ESX servers managed via VirtualCenter and want to vMotion between the ESX servers, you need all ESX servers to have access to the same filesystems. In that case, you'd simply make a single igroup and put all the ESX iSCSI IQN's into it.

If the hosts aren't managed by VirtualCenter, each ESX server should only have access to its own filesystem.

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Re: Newbie: iSCSI group usage

Oh I see.

Thanks so much Andrew.

I'll study more.

Re: Newbie: iSCSI group usage

Quite welcome....happy to help.

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