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VSC Alignments - same as mbrscan/mbralign?


Hello - I haven't had a chance to play with the new VSC yet but I noticed that it will do virtual machine alignments.  I am wondering if it will have the same caveats as the existing mbrscan/mbralign tools in the Host Utilities Kit.  I'm speaking about the issues like no Windows Dynamic Disks, Linux LVM's, Citrix Servers, etc.

What can you align and what should you stay away from?  Have the issues chagned?

Can anybody comment on that?

Thank you!



Hi Aaron

the mbralign and mbrscan are exactly the same versions as you can download from NOW and they have to be installed into the VMware vSphere/ESX 3.5 Service Consoles in the same way as before.  This means that there is still no support for ESXi as it doesn't really have a proper console.

This also means that all the caveats that you mention also stand I'm afraid.




Good to know.....thanks for the info (both Eric and Paul).


Haven't installed myself yet either but from looking at the documentation it's all the same notes and caveats...

If anyone does have VSC installed and could run a "mbralign -v" and "mbrscan -v", that would be quite helpful (as if the same version as the HU 5.1 would essentially answer the question).


Hi guys.  VSC includes the same versions of the mbrtools as the ESX Host Utilities Kit.



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